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About World Of Aura

About World Of Aura

World Of Aura refers to a scientific knowledge regarding the vibrations of the earth and the universe that are always surrounding all of us. Learning to read and understand these vibrations helps us find out about the prevalent energy whether negative or positive. The energy surrounding us affects us all in different way and impacts our lives giving negative or positive results. This is where the human beings are impacted on their Aura that gives them good or bad results as per the energy surrounding them.

Gaining World Of Aura helps in understanding, analysing and studying the impact of the prevalent Aura energy in the life of any given individual. Through this knowledge it becomes possible to harness the good energy that will bring happiness in the life of the individual. Additionally, it helps the individual in increasing their energy to enable them gain deep meditative state for the betterment of their life. Understanding and learning all about World Of Aura brings about magical results and faster manifestation to achieve any given goal within a said timeframe.

About Guru Sushil

Guru Sushil

Guru Sushil is that the world noted prognosticator with over twenty Five years of expertise within the field of pseudoscience. At the very early age he started learning reiki, jyotish, numerology, etc. And after years of rigorous research, he infused his knowledge with the technology and came out with a revelation known as “AURA+ FILE” - the scientific astrology.

His enthusiastic passion for pseudoscience, combined scientific and technological inclination has helped Guru Sushil to scale the heights which very few dreams of. Yet he strives for betterment, with his extensive plans in execution mode, Guru Sushil aims to nullify the negative aura in this universe and infuse the positive aura and make it prosper.

His research combine authenticity with simplicity of contemporary idiom suited to the modern mind. His interest within the pseudoscience and science has opened new dimensions in his understanding of the human psyche and has compelled him to start thinking on lines which is able to ultimately bring about thesis of discoveries of contemporary science and ancient space of human knowledge. This distinguishes him from all rest of the astrologer that exists and places him on a higher pedestal, a pioneered “scientific astrologer”. Then he never looked back and in his onward journey, he became a visionary, a socio reformist and a missionary focused to mitigate the miseries of the world.

Guru Sushil has never shown any discrimination towards the helpless, in spite of having very affluent and celebrity clients, he provide help to there problems that no one can face problem in their life’s and stay happy in their life.

His remedies are simplified, effective price and don't seem to be bound by the laws and practices of any faith as evident from his clients and followers from all elements of the world and from all religions. Selection of career, business and starting dates, predictions and consultations on other aspects of life. He is also specializes in match-making, yearly predictions, peace of mind and family, remedial advices , financial constraints, study related problems any kind of can be solved here in scientific manner.