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We all wish for a happy and a prosperous life but do we actually get? We do charities, wear expensive gemstones and wander aimlessly at religious places to worship the God but we do not get our desired life and continuously face the same problems in our life.
AURA+ FILE is a revolutionary product designed by Guru Sushil after putting in his lifetime hard work and experience for all those people who want to give a new meaning to their life. This file provides you with very simple remedies which will completely change your life forever and will give respite to you from all your difficulties related health, business, children, marriage, career, family, and what so ever is the problem is! Don't think, just take one step forward to change your life completely and get success in your life.

This file contains Predictions for the customized problem's(depending on the user problem):
* Brief description of your Aura :- Your INNER AURA is at an inch from your body. This INNER AURA reflects your nature, qualities and behavior. Your OUTER AURA is at some feet from your body. This OUTER AURA shields you with protection and with combination of divine power and planetary energy it regulates your life. Your ALPHA AURA is in contact with your OUTER AURA. Your ALPHA AURA with coordination of your mental thoughts gives you good or bad results. The effect of these three AURA's from birth till complete life (till you are alive) will be there with you and keep on giving good or bad results.
* Effects of planets on your Aura
~ Studies
~ Business/Job
~ Health
~ Relationships
~ Wealth
* Varshphal
* Chakras description
* Changes in Aura colors
~ Yearly
~ Monthly
* Precautions and Remedies