About World Of Aura

Dowsing knows the unknown. Every day in our lives we have to take decisions, make choices, and take actions, in a variety of situations Covering our personal life, business or occupation. Social aspect, religious matter, health etc.
Pendulum dowsing provides information that will enable us to know the true reality as opposed to the apparent pertaining to the subject of our inquiry and therefore let us take as informed decision. The pendulum functions by responding to the Energy Force Field (Aura) of two or more energy system. Anything freely suspended and capable of responding to a force is a pendulum.

EXAMPLE : - Wind and water currents in the northern hemisphere go clockwise and in the southern hemisphere they go anticlockwise. Wind and water particles respond to the positive North Pole and the negative South Pole. Through the positive pole of any energy system energy waves are emitted out in clockwise spiral motion and through the negative pole of any energy system the energy are emitted in an anti-clockwise spiral. These waves create positive and negative energy force fields.

The pendulum system is a scientific as any other science. The different between science and mysticism'' is only our own and understanding. If we understand it we call it science,' if we don't understand it web call it magic or mysticism. There are no such things as magic or mysticism. We merely express our ignorance by using such terms.
The pendulum can be of any material, size, shape or color. It will works as a pendulum irrespective of anything, anything freely suspended and capable of responding to application of physical or subtle force, is a pendulum.
The size, shape, material, color, and pre-emerging process are all interrelated and purpose oriented.

We NEVER EVER have all the necessary and correct information about anything or anyone at the time when we have to decide and commit our time, attention, energy, money or other valuable resources consequently, we often go wrong and our own earlier perceived to be well considered decision lands us in serious difficulties or losses or extremely painful situation in life.

EXAMPLE : - Marriage, business.

Is a pendulum querying system, knowing the unknown? Yes, you ask and pendulum answers everything (through your subconscious Universal Mind) about your business, carrier, health, missing person, past, present, & future events. hidden water, oil, mineral resources & endless day to day life problems.