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Parad Pyramid

₹ 12,500


A pyramid is a structure with sloping sides that meet at top. Energized pyramids can help us in correction of vastu. Pyramid structure emits positive energy, which naturalizes the negative energy caused within any premises due to incorrect vastu. Pyramid replicas, based on the measurements of the great pyramids of Egypt, generate energy that contributes to the healing process.

If you have been advised you to implement the changes in your home or office or factory by demolishing the particular area of your house or office, then would strongly recommended you to keep Parad pyramid in your house and the vastu dosh would be finished. This tested experiment. If you are feeling some negativity in your house best then this Mercury Pyramid is the right and the best solution to your problems.

Vastu corrections can be done by neutralizing this negative by strong positive energy radiating devices like energized pyramids. 'Pyramid really means Energy Nucleus so powerful that it cannot be changed by any Energy interaction. That ' s how Pyramids of Egypt can keep dead body cells free from decay for thousands of year whereas it is common experience that human body and all life forms begin to decay within a few hours of death. Vastu shastra, the Vedic architecture integrate the science of ayurveda and astrology by linking them with human lives. "Vastu" combines the earth's magnetic fields, the influence of the planets and other celestial bodies along with cosmic rays and plays a vital role in happy family life and prosperity of business.

Parad pyramid balances and harmonies the aura around us and remove the negative energy, therefore when we place this parad pyramid, in our home or office, the place purified by the power of mercury and vastu defects are rectified. No adverse effects have been observed in simultaneous use of Pyramid Energy System with Conventional Therapy Systems or otherwise.