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Parad Gutika

₹ 3,100


The Parad Gutika, which is made by binding the purity of the pure mercury with the use of silver and asbestos, has no boundaries for its properties. This Parad Gutika is very effective. There is no limit to its properties. This Parad Gutika has its own Aura Field which is very broad and strong, in which no negative energy or power can enter. That is why when we wear it ear our heart, it increases the Aura Field of our body manifold, which gives us many benefits.

This Parad Gutika works for the people who have bad home conditions. With this effect, the negative energy of all the planets is eliminated from your life, so that you do not need to take different measures for every planet, because the work of Parad Gutika is to destroy every kind of negative energy and increase the positive energy. By which life can go ahead with prosperity and worry will be lost. The people who do not feel good in any kind of meditation, meditating constantly, even after doing sadhana for many years, success in sadhana is not attained, for them, this Parad Gutika works miraculously. It strengthens the Aura Field of the seeker and stabilizes the seeker's attention, and the mind starts steadfast in meditation, which ensures completeness of sadhana. With the influence of this Parad Gutika, the power of the seeker increases the power of the Sadhana. This Parad Gutika is also a boon for those who are affected by the effect of glance, sorcery, bad powers. This Parad Gutika removes all these influences from which life experiences happiness, peace and happiness.