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The word Aura means that the invisible Energy Field all around our body. This Energy Field shield us from the impurities (negativity) around us. It consist in 3 layers called Inner Aura, Outer Aura, Alpha Aura. The person with strong Aura stays healthy and no impurity (negativity) can able to harm that person. This Energy Field (Aura) conjointly verified by scientists also.

Aura astrology is that scientific astrology that is a exclusive scientific study of human Energy Field from that we are able to calculate someone's Energy Field and provides the prediction without any use of janam kundli or horoscope we aslo give the remedies to make the Energy Field strong and tell the person that how is his/her Energy Field working for him/her. This scientific astrology is discovered by Guru Sushil to help all the people in their problems.

Aura astrology is regarding the Chakras, Planets, and the Invisible Energy Field around the human body. There are seven chakras in physical body namely; Root Chakra that is of red color, Sacral Chakra which is of orange color, Solar Chakra which of yellow color, Heart Chakra that is of green color, Throat Chakra which is of blue color, Third eye Chakra whose color is indigo, and the Crown Chakra which of violet color. Every Chakra has its Positive and Negative effects on the human body. And even the Chakras are affected by the Aura of physical body if the Aura of the person is powerful then there's most risk that the chakras can show positive effects on it person and he/she won't fall sick terribly simply and if the Aura of that person is weak then there'll be the utmost chance that chakras will show negative effects on that person and he/she will fall ill easily, and face so many problems in their daily life. And one can make there Aura strong or weak by their own through the Remedies, Precautions, Reiki Healing provided by us.

One will get Remedies and Precautions by obtaining their own Aura+ file and Reiki Healing directly by consulting to Guru Sushil.