Past Life Regression

About World Of Aura

Exploring your past lives as a pathway to healing many of your present physical, mental or spiritual problems. A practical course for everyone to learn & heal others.
Our present life challenges have their roots in unresolved traumas from past lives. This gives rise to fears, limitations, emotional traumas & illnesses. Past Life Regression Therapy can help you in :-
* Permanently neutralize, resolve & release the effects the past is having on your present life.
* Shed light on your strengths, talents, dormant skills, preferences & aversions.

Future Life Therapy:- Past, present and future all exist simultaneously. Our future is being created at every moment. Destiny is not static and written in stone but rather a dynamic principle that changes as we change, alters we think, act and respond differently to situations. Future Life Therapy can be very helpful in seeing where we are headed in the lives to come and if we so desire then tapping into some of those future strengths, abilities and talents. It is not a way to predict your future but rather a tool to access the gifts of your future self development.

Life between Lives or Inter life Therapy:- Our lives are not random, accidental surges of pain and pleasure. Before taking birth we have all chosen the key events of our lives based on the lessons that we might learn from these events. We write our own destiny, we are the scriptwriter, director and actor in the drama of our own lives. Now that we are here we can live through these decisions helplessly or modify them as needed. We always have the choice to create our experience of life in any way we desire. If your life isn't going the way you want - change it and then change again, till you get exactly what you want. No one and nothing can control, limit or hinder your life process unless you consciously or unconsciously let them.

Spirit Release Therapy:- At times when our energy field is low or when we lose control of ourselves for example when we are severely depressed or angry; under the influence of alcohol or drugs; during anesthesia or traumatic situations our natural psychic self defense mechanism stops working. In situations such as these, spirits of people who died but were unable to move on to the light, find an opening to enter into our bodies and prey on us. Gradually they begin to control our mind and emotions and cause us to do, think, say and feel things that we never would have. They express their frustrations and emotions through us. They work on breaking down our self esteem, so that we may remain weak and thereby they may control and manipulate us. The symptoms of this might be hearing voices in your head, severe inner criticism and reprimands (small amounts we all face through our "inner critic"), doing and saying things but having no recall of what you said or did, a general feeling of not being in control of yourself, your thoughts and emotions. In these situations, the therapist dialogs with the deceased personís spirit, counseling it and helping the person find his/her way back into the light. The process is simple, quick and painless.